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Eagles Nest

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 4 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 2.5 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting (citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness) remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

These are the young men who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout since the troop was formed.  Congratulations!

John Kenison-2017
Nathan Moe-2017
Alexander Moe-2017
Nick Harper-2017
Klayton Trujillo-2016
Elias A. Potter-2016
Grant Hellmich-2016
Carson L. Hage-2016
Ethan Gruba-2016
Derek Spencer-2015
Sam Palmer-2015
Thomas Grover-2015
Martin E. Eichers-2015
Andrew Dalbee-2014
Gavin Hellmich-2013
Dillon Field-2013
Michael Hurst-2012
Sheldon Way-2011
Brennan Gruba-2011
Jacob W. Gerecke-2011
McKay Elwood-2010
Jacob Bohler-2009
Taylor Elwood-2008
Edward O'Byrn-2008
Nathan Dalbec-2007
Eric Stewart-2005
Nathan Bohler-2005
Ryan Meyer-2005
Brian Stewart-2003
Neil Cramb-2003
John Fitzer II-2002
Andrew Selle-2002
James Poss-2000
James Stewart-1999
John Speckel-1996
Ryan Gilmer-1995
Daniel Swanson-1992
Paul Wurzer-1996
**Tim Kinches-1995
**Jacob Berscheld-1995
**Christopher -1987
Paul Swartzer-1985
John Magnan Jr.-1984
Michael Eilen-1974
Donald Moran-1962
Steven Gilmer-1962
John Gilmer-1959
Alden Hardwick-1957
Don Gilmer-1931